Our Clinical Procedures Applied

Medical Diagnosis

Medical backgrounds of our patients are carefully investigated and necessary laboratory tests are performed.

Necessary precautions are taken to avoid any health problems during dental treatments.

In order to ensure a correct way and safety in this regard, our medical doctors are consulted and necessary medical interventions are made before treatment applications.


After the intraoral examinations of our patients, necessary x-ray - panoramic x-ray images are evaluated and treatment plans are made.


Tooth decays and its associated severe pain are the most common cause of complaints made to our dental clinics.

Dental caries are treated with endodontic root canal treatments and composite dental fillings.

Implant Treatment

Implants are made instead of teeth that cannot be treated with any treatment method, and deteriorated dental functions such as aesthetics, chewing and speech are restored.

Smile Design

Smile design; It is to make the dental aesthetics of a person to the desired state by determining the tooth shapes that match the face type and by using zirconium veneers, whitening techniques, laminate veneers and gum shaping.


Crowns are structures that are applied when the treatment of a tooth cannot be done with conservative dental treatments such as fillings or when the tooth needs to be corrected for aesthetic purposes. For this purpose, porcelain-based

  • Metal supported porcelains
  • E-max
  • Zirconium
  • Laminate
  • etc. coatings

it is applied in prosthetic treatment.

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